Entry: look what i made! Sunday, July 26, 2009

so sometimes i need a break from the bags and the repairs. this particular break ended up like this:

this colette pattern was a total dream to make. i''m so used to hunching over gross manila paper patterns that the visual space on the colette booklet was downright luxurious. the instructions were really clear (no frustration confusion ass aches like from commercial patterns) and it was real easy to adjust the pattern to my relatively uncurvy shape.

i made it with some eye searing pink polyester i had lying around and bought some fucking expensive but lovely cotton print (katie jump rope by denyse schmidt for free spirit) for the contrast.

next time i make this pattern (tomorrow if i have my way) i'll use easier to iron fabric. this poly would not bend for heat or steam so the bust line is a little wonky and the hem is ..*cough*.. a little weird. it was also my first time frigging around with the blind hem stitch. i'll probably unpick it and redo it but for now i'm too excited to wear the damn thing to care too much. i'll also forgo the contrast waist thing. i like the idea of the dress being solid and the top yolk thinger being almost sort of separate.

those small kvetches aside, i can not wait to order more! beignet, watch out.
i'ma commin for you.


July 29, 2009   02:30 PM PDT
I commented before but I really like this dress alot on you!



random me
October 21, 2009   06:40 AM PDT
LOVE! i cant wear strapless but it has that strapless dress over a tshirt look

i searched and searched for your blog again but couldnt remember the name and it finally hit me
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November 9, 2010   07:22 AM PST
Loved this at first look..wonderful pics..thanks for sharing this with me

November 23, 2010   09:18 AM PST
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