Entry: meet my new old love Monday, February 08, 2010

my new year began on a bit of a sour note. my ass bike lock unwittingly chained my poor trusty cruiser to a fence in the plateau, and while i was saving up money for a locksmith the damn thing was stolen.

while i totally dismiss folks who anthropomorphise their pets i think it is the most natural thing to do in the world with bikes. so i'll miss my stalwart pal in lallygagging and i hope she's reinvented in a befitting glory. in the meantime i got me a bike from re-cycle cycle. it's a lean mean single speed road bike with drop bars and she is taking a bit of getting used to-ing. i miss my coaster brakes and essentially meandering around the city on the bike equivalent of a lazy-boy but on the other hand it's really crazy to be able to go a decent clip as my cruiser would top out at maybe 18 or 20km/per hour and i love how light this new bike is.

have a gander:


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