Entry: debriefing continued Monday, February 08, 2010

hung out with nissa a bunch (and her lovely mother)

got a tattoo based on courtney cassidy's artwork

did no small amount of thriftering

saw a wee bit of art

bought the odd trinket

had the most delicious pile of grease at le depanneur le pick up

and leered at beautiful bikes. seriously, that chain guard gave me wood.


February 23, 2010   07:56 PM PST
Mooooi! So cool to see what you're up to again! Urs is so big! Crazy!

Great tattoo!

I know it's kinda retarded to come to your blog every three months and say i miss you and otherwise not communicate at all, but hey, I do miss you!

I bought a flat! Feel pretty grown up now.

xxx J
March 10, 2010   02:41 AM PST

you are a home owner! wow. maybe someday i'll own something bigger than i bicycle..

jonna, i miss you so much. i'm going to come visit the second i get monies..

until then maybe we can do a video call or something? but we can make it fun. make famous people masks from magazines we've stolen from dentist offices or do finger puppet reenactments of scenes from our recent past..

this is really a desperate plea for some more imidiate contact to/with someone i miss way much.


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