Entry: parental advisory Saturday, July 17, 2010

so urs has drawn up detailed plans for us to build a machine that will turn her into a cat. she spends hours explaining the machine to me, debating what sort of cat she should be and continually asking when we are going to build the machine.
maybe when she asks me for the 7000th time i'll break down in a fit of exhaustion and say
"i don't know. at all. i have not earthly idea how to build a simple machine, let alone a magic catification machine. no idea. and sadly even people who can make machines have no idea because it is totally impossible. You Will Never Be An Orange Tabby."
but until then i'm basking in her lack of realism.
and thinking i would make a great gray tabby.


Ariane ( isabelle's mom)
December 8, 2010   05:39 PM PST
Hi Sarah

Just found your blog! i will read it for now on!
Thank you again for the sweater! love it!

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