shpshpshp » QHVZY
Kissipooh » Hey!!!! Holy crap! it's your birthday today!!! happy birthday!!!
Kissipooh » Hey!!!! Holy crap! it's your birthday today!!! happy birthday!!!
ash » i've been meaning to send ya out da props for that little dancin & drivin politicians thingy. it's very funny.
ash » posted a little sumthin' for ya at yesnomaybeso.
sjw » miss right back atcha. i can't belive i only got to see you once! i hope things are ok for you & the family!
FISHER » ...................... miss. hardly any time folks...see you in mount real.
ash » dud, so how was halifax? got any pictures or what? let's seeeeee!
-FISHER » there should be time for hangouts FOR SHORE, but I'm still at work 9-5 Mon-Thurs...depends when you decend, over a weekend would be real ideal!
sjw » fisher, dude, it's fine if we can't stay chez youse, so long as you have time to see us.. if there's no hangouts there will be a total tantrum.
-FISHER » your gonna hate me, but you might wanna look at a few alternatives for lodgings. Super sorry but I've got like 3 projects going on in the apartment!, space is limited as Guelph time approaches..BLAH!
-FISHER » Ummm MAY yup, but in a bit a chaos, since its my last month of work. We'll be getting the apartment packed insanity will no doubt be rampant. Cont--->
-FISHER » Ummm MAY yup, but in a bit a chaos, since its my last month of work. We'll be getting the apartment packed insanity will no doubt be rampant. Cont--->
sjw » how bout you update your blog with a whats-up-wit-chew? or just debrief me here. i'm easy.
sjw » preeeeetty good. biking, eating, yogaing, sprawling/cuddling/farting on the couch. mistly missing you, though.
ash » i dig that tunic top best thrift of all time. can't believe your sorels bit the dust already. mine are still going strong, though i doubt i'll need them round here. so how ya doing anyways whidden?
Hanna » Hei JOhanna! Kirjoitan sulle nyt joka paikkan viestejä jotta saisit jonkun! Mikä sun osoite?? Tarvisin sun posti osoitteen laitatko sen mulle sähköpostiin. Please!
sjw » in may. will youse be around?
sjw » fisher! i think we're coming for a visit..
ash » i forgot to ask the other day but did you get a new sewing machine for your birthday? didja? didja?
ash » hey forgot to ask you the other day, did you get a new sewing machine for your birthday? didja? didja?
ash » hey forgot to ask the other day, did you get a new sewing machine for your birthday? did ya did ya?
sjw » fuckin' a ash! blog updates about apartment hunting adventures? pleasy weasy?
ash » hey sarah, i found a nice little bachelor in vancouver! that's a suite not a man, sadly ; ) i think i'll even have a sofa bed for ya to sleep on as long as you can ignore my snoring. xoxo
eden » can i just say that i love your cardboard cutout blog logo? like, a lot?
hilu » no pont tp write email to you...may I get your address (send it to my email).
ash » more deets abou this john waters thing. i don't understand, he's giving a talk or something?
ash » hey luvly petite chienne, can't wait to meet her. andrew hunt! where are you these days? i'ts been forever since we were all at nscad.
Andrew Hunt » sarah, you're blog is so awesome to look at whenever i remember to. Hope you, rodney and daughter are great. take care!!!!
ash » word up to some of those outfits. some good colour combos goin on. i especially dig the browns, puke greens and orangy reds! just luvly.
sjw » i couldn't have said it better myself
eugene » wat is this all about
eugene » wat is this all about
sarah » that serendipity happend for me a lot in finland and so far here4. halifax was not so generous with me. london was pretty crabby too. or maybe it was me.
ash » hey good to hear the daycare situ is working out by sheer serendipity. i luv that shit. halifax was that kind of city for me. things just came to me when i needed them seemingly out of no where.
sarah » any time dude! my cell doesn't have reception where we live, but if we're not at home (303 4774) call the cell # and you'll be sure to get us. i have a couple of bags to show at a shop on st laurent..
ash » hey sarah! we should hangout soon, i'm leaving next tuesday night!! when is good for you guys and where do you fancy?
Ron » Hi, Love the blog. yrs, Ron Mwangaguhunga
sarah » and hey! we're having a yard sale on saturday... i'll give you as much stuff as you can carry!
sarah » i feel so bad for not calling for so long! but i have the moomin book and the barbapapa and would love to meet up! maybe this weekend? i'll call you or you can call 474 1406
Jonsku » Sun puhelinnumero on hukassa, siksi siis viesti tänne. Pitäisköhän kirjoittaa suomeksi vai englanniksi
Jonsku » Hi Sarah, Are you still in Fredericton? Maby we could meet before you leave from here? Do you still have the muumibook from Oskari? Talk to you soon.
sarah » practical...grrrrr
ash » forgot to mention i luv that row of chairs and only $20 dollars!! rodney is truly a practical man to convince you to pass this deal up.
SwanDiamondRose » i went back and the dress was not as good as remembered. i'm in a swap tizzy. hey!!!!! you got into concordia! yey!! i'm going to save for about 6 months & then move. wish it was sooner but....
sarah » i was talking to both of youse! we should definatly be in montreal by september. i got into concordia (for real this time!). we'll have to have meetups and hangouts!
ash » you talking to me? i'll be in montreal aug.11-sep.18. what about you?
sarah » thanks ashley! that dress sounds pretty amazing.. any pictures? any progress on project montreal?
ash » luvly photos of your leisurly sunday!
SwanDiamondRose » sarah would you wear a mostly red 80s sweater dress. almost bubble shaped with really bold graphics on the front in primary colours?
sarah » i have a few pairs and i wear them around the house but then i change. i'm getting scared of the mutton as lamb phenomenom. and my ultra white thighs. but. never say never..
ash » i'm not comfortable with that much thigh exposed. later
ash » i won't wager on the compasion turning to black apathy, in the spirit of your compasion remaining. so are you into those little shorts that are the style these days?
ash » and i have to say it's been better than i expected. i even kind of like it. not to say that the old cynicism doesn't creep in now and again.
ash » hey sarah! that vegan chocolte recipe sounds pretty good, will have to try it. i too was a cynic most of my life. i've recentely turned over a new leaf, trying to bring positive energy around me.
Jonna » Heeeeeei Lady!!! Bloggaan taas. Yritan ainakin. Olet rakas!!!
SwanDiamondRose » i can't find it. nevertheless, thank you! and i hope all is well
hilu » Hi! Has Urs recived the dvd? Does it work?
sjw » ailors don't make it onto my blog very often..
sjw » this one: i hope..
SwanDiamondRose » ok i can't find it. can you point me to it?
SwanDiamondRose » i've so lost track of my comments on the web! i have to go find this girl with the sailor...!
hilu » heippa herkutus! Schoolwork has almost kill me. Tha's why i have been so quiet. We got an old new monitor and i finally see this blog as it'ts ment to be. COOL
sjw » yay! i can't wait to see how it turns out! did you notice the picture of the girl with the sailor? i posted that as potential inspiration for your adventures in smocking.
SwanDiamondRose » i bought a vintage sundress pattern! very excited
sarah » any chance you'll have some show and tell over at sdr headquaters?
SwanDiamondRose » hey i finally went thrifting again. for fabric and for ME. i found some good shtuff! i am happy! i have to take photos.
ash » i am happy to support your cause and benefit from the stylish garments you are producing. keep up the good work!
ash » hey sarah, if you are selling your luvly handmade clothes i would luv to buy a pair of shorts similar to the blue corduroy ones posted. let me know the price. i'm desperate for shorts as i have none
SwanDiamondRose »
SwanDiamondRose » you know lately i have been using myspace to find music. it's such a good game of tag. i go to certain people's pages and they always havegood shtuff. Hrabina Von Tup Tup always has good tunes.
sjw » through pitchfork's and stylus' mannerisms looking for something worth some attention. sugestions?
sjw » i don 't know why but my lastfm window refuses to update. but the faint is on my jump rope playlist so i listen to them pretty much every day. i'm in need of new music but i'm too lazy to try and sort
SwanDiamondRose » you listen to the Faint. i like them. i am writing these comments at 2:47 am. this is a sign that caramel machiatos in the afternoon.... are not good...
ash » holy shit!! i can't hardly believe you would be so willing to donate it to me. i owe you big time! send me your address and i'll send you a little surprize. thank you thank you thank you thank you!
ash » holy shit!! i can't hardly believe you would be so willing to donate it to me. i owe you big time! send me your address and i'll send you a little surprize. thank you thank you thank you thank you!
sjw » dude this is your lucky day! i'll happily donate it to the Ashley Is Fabulous Foundation. i know i have your address somewhere but resend it to me for kicks.
ash » sarah you are such a sewing pro!! the dress with the stripes is outstanding i luv it so much. are you taking orders by any chance? i think i need one, how have i lived this long without it?
stephanie » got it, if you want to, you can write me at, and we can discuss about the west island, the mile end, le quartier latin and Rosemont!
sjw » thanks Stephanie! i'm pretty nervous/excited about mtl and would love to learn more about it!
stephanie » Hi Sarah! I found you on Wardrobe Refashion and I love your blog, your picture eye. Mtl is not bad nor is french, we could talk about (grew up there, am french...)
sarah » or wait.. what kind of music? but i love motherlover it was my swear for fabricville when i couldn't really swear. buttmunching turkey was another but that wouldn't be a good band name
sarah » motherlover?
kris » i need help with a band name... please!!!
ash » nice score on the fabrics by the way! the black and whites and the pink on pink are really stellar. can't wait to see what you fashion them into.
ash » oups messed up my message with the security code. i was saying, don't be shy, most of the people posting don't actually know one and other and sometimes i don't know them at all, random argentines.
ash » P6WEY
sarah » i always look at your flog. i just don't leave comments cause i don't know the crew there. i feel shy. weird, i know.
ash » pictures? you been lookin' at my flog but not leaving posts? please make my day, leave a message!!
sarah » argentina.
sarah » argebtina! thats nuts! awesome nuts. i am so 'cited about the idea of more schoolin and a new city. f-town ain't for me. more pictures!!
ash » nice sewing projects by the way!! you're some good with the old needle and thread! xoxo
ash » depends on the student loan payments and how much i can make teaching english or whatever while there. 6 months seems practical. a year would be ideal. then i think maybe montreal for sure.
ash » hey congrats on journalism school! you guys have it all figured out. well a plan at least. i will be going to argentina via montreal in aug-sep. don't know how long i'll stay.
sarah » your thoughts are jarkevaa and lohduttava. i don't really believe it. we're going to finland on the 21st and staying at her place in helsinki. it will be hard and weird. i wish i could come visit. xox
hilu » Tuli surullinen olo Anun kuolemasta. Onneksi sain tavata hänet. Miten te jaksatte (sinä, Cris, äiti)? En osaa sanoa yhtään mitään järkevää tai lohduttavaa.
sarah » thanks ashley! with getting into the concordia it seem like montreal might just be the home base. et bien! you going to move there too? pleeeeaaaase?
ash » it always seemed like a cool career path but my math was never going to cut it. good luck with your application to journalism school. oyyy...we're all getting into "real" jobs in our old age.
ash » hey sarah. so you're moving to montreal in the fall! i'm sure you guys will luv it. i had no idea rodney was interested in architecture.